Prices & Reservations

Nanny & Babysitting

Peak Season:  All reservations: 34chf/hr

After Ski Kids Club

5  afternoons:  380chf

Equipment Rental

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Peak weeks: 16th December-7th January, 10th-18th February, 31st March-15th April

Off-peak package deals: 24 hours or more: 32chf/hr / 60 hours or more: 30chf/hr

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Off-Peak Season Packages

First 24 hrs of reservations:  34chf/hr

24 to 60 hrs of reservations:  32chf/hr

More than 60 hrs of reservations:  30chf/hr

  • for nanny services we take payment in full at the time of booking
  • for evening babysitting we require credit card details to secure the booking
  • pre booked hours are minimum hours due, extra hours charged at the same rate
  • minimum booking time 2 hours
  • 10% extra for 3+ children
  • For New Years Eve rates are doubled

See here for full terms and conditions