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Hey! My name is Amelia and I first came to Verbier in the Winter Season of 2018 to do a seasonal job at Les Elfes International Camp. It came to be that I liked Verbier so much that I continued to stay for the spring, the summer, the Autumn, the...
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  Could you tell us a bit about how you got the job and why choose PV? In December 2021, I did my first season with Petit Verbier. I came across Petit Verbier in a facebook group and sent my application straight to Sarina. From there, everything was super straightforward....
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Dressing kids for the snow
We know that getting children ready for the day and out of the door can be a challenge at the best of times. When you throw in cold weather, snow boots and ski gear into the mix, it can feel like you are breaking out in sweats before you’ve even...
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Top Toddler Activities in Verbier
Verbier is a fantastic outdoor playground for both adults and children however finding entertainment for toddlers who aren’t skiing yet can sometimes be a bit tricky. Petit Verbier offer childcare services for children of all ages and looking after the littlest family members is our speciality, so here are some...
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Conscious Parenting
As part of our yearly nanny training week we work together with Miki from My Parent Toolkit. Our nannies always rave about Miki’s workshop and gain so much from her teachings. We all go into the winter season with a better understanding of children and tools to enhance cooperation and make...
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Petit Verbier was established in 2008 and has since acquired an excellent reputation for high quality childcare.

Rte des Creux 14,
1936 Verbier, Switzerland