Finders Fee Policy

Petit Verbier Finders Fee

We are so pleased to hear you love our Petit Verbier nanny! Once our nanny has finished their contract, they can be placed with families to work on a short or long term basis.

At Petit Verbier, we take pride in our commitment to providing exceptional childcare services and fostering strong connections between families and nannies. To ensure the continuous support of our nannies and clients, and honor our recruitment and training time, we have established a straightforward Finder’s Fee policy.

As per our terms and conditions, this policy applies when a nanny’s contract comes to an end, and the family wishes to extend or permanently hire the nanny within a period of two years.

Temporary Finder’s Fee (Up to 6 Weeks): 1000 CHF

· We understand that some families may need temporary or holiday childcare assistance for a limited duration.

· For temporary contracts of up to 6 weeks, we charge a one time Finder’s Fee of 1000 CHF, payable before the start of the nannies contract.

· This fee is payable by the family, reflecting our commitment to valuing and supporting our nannies who provide continuity and exceptional care during this period.

Permanent Finder’s Fee: 3000 CHF

· When a family decides to permanently hire a nanny after their contract with Petit Verbier has ended, we apply a permanent one time Finder’s Fee of 3000 CHF, payable before the start of the nannies contract.

· This fee is essential for the time and effort our team invests in finding the perfect match between families and nannies, ensuring a harmonious and long-lasting relationship.

· The permanent Finder’s Fee is a testament to our dedication to delivering top-quality childcare solutions and our commitment to our nannies’ professional growth and opportunities.

Why do we charge a finders fee?

· The fee supports our ongoing efforts in recruitment, screening, and nurturing relationships with both families and nannies.

· It ensures that families have access to trustworthy, experienced, and reliable caregivers, while also supporting our nannies’ professional growth and development. We believe that investing in this policy allows us to continue providing the highest standard of care and building strong bonds within our vibrant community.

· We charge a fixed fee as it offers clarity, transparency and simplicity. We have taken the same recruitment efforts whether you are working with our nanny full or part time. There are no surprises or hidden fees and the work contract and terms are agreed directly between you and the nanny.

Thank you for your continued support, we hope you have a wonderful experience with your Petit Verbier nanny



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