Conscious Parenting

As part of our yearly nanny training week we work together with Miki from My Parent Toolkit. Our nannies always rave about Miki’s workshop and gain so much from her teachings. We all go into the winter season with a better understanding of children and tools to enhance cooperation and make our job even more fun!

Miki is a certified Parent Practice educator and has a background in Psychology, Business, Child Development, and Holistic Therapy.

She is passionate about empowering parents with inner confidence, positive strategies, and pragmatic tools to successfully navigate and manage everyday family life. 

Miki offers online parenting programs and virtual private coaching packages to parents worldwide through


Over the past year myself and my husband Adam enrolled in one of Miki’s courses and it has been incredibly beneficial to us as a family. The decision to invest in the Next Level program with Miki was not down to complete despair, hitting rock bottom as a family or being completely fed up. Though these are some of the reasons families might want to look at The Parent Toolkit coaching, it isn’t only for families or parents that feel like they are struggling- we just knew things could be better than they were. There is so much for any parent to gain from The Parent Toolkit courses!


We have three children and as I’m sure any parent knows, life can get a bit hectic at times. We used the extra time we had due to COVID to go through the course content and we had monthly calls with Miki to go over the framework and anything in particular that was coming up for us that month. Family life is always changing so it was so useful to complete the course over a period of time where we could cover so many different scenarios with so many different resources that Miki offers.


We have both worked with children for the past 12+ years so we have a good understanding of children, but when it comes to parenting it’s so important that both parents are on the same page, and this was something the course did for us. The course doesn’t mean changing our families values, but incorporating them in what we were doing.


We have come away with a much greater understanding of our children and even more importantly, ourselves as parents. There was a turning point in the course where we realised this isn’t all about the children, it’s about us! Children will always have big emotions, some sibling rivalry and create testing situations, however once we as parents have the tools to deal with this we can create the family environment we are looking for. I was hoping to feel less stressed and burnt out and create a calm atmosphere at home. I now know how to do that, spoiler alert- so much of that includes looking after myself!


I can’t tell you my children are perfectly behaved or you won’t catch me on an unorganised day in the park without snacks. There will always be times where we take on too much, don’t feel prepared or our children are reaching out for attention. Asking anything else would be impossible, but I can say my continual learning of conscious parenting has been 100% worth it and I have enjoyed seeing the changes in both of us.


Amongst our Petit Verbier team we love to discuss different scenarios, ideas to pass on to other nannies and reflect on how our day/week has been working with children. So often we come back to what would Miki say/do. It has become one of the key elements to our work with children and as nannies and parents we are continually learning and taking steps to be the best we can be at our jobs.


If you are interested in knowing more, you can find Miki’s free guide on "10 simple ways to transform your parenting"  here. Discover 10 simple strategies to transform your parenting and empower you to parent positively and help your children be their best selves.

Top Toddler Activities in Verbier

Verbier is a fantastic outdoor playground for both adults and children however finding entertainment for toddlers who aren’t skiing yet can sometimes be a bit tricky.

Petit Verbier offer childcare services for children of all ages and looking after the littlest family members is our speciality, so here are some of our top toddler activities in Verbier!


The Park /Playground

Located just between the post office and Hotel Phoenix, there are swings, slides and climbing frames, with the added bonus of snow in the winter so a great spot for snowman building. If you find that you’ve exhausted the possibilities of the Verbier park, then why not head down to Le Châble. Right next to the cable car station is an exciting and adventurous park, for both young and older children, and let's face it the cable car ride down is exciting in itself!


Duck pond

A great adventure for little ones- Jump on the number 2 bus (Le Hameau) to Les Esserts, and head down to the pond for some fun. Spot the ducks, feed them to their hearts content, and try and befriend the black swan! Remember to pack a bottle of bubbles, as this is a great spot for a bit of bubble catching in the fresh air. Just watch out for any skiers whizzing by!


Sledging at Les Esserts

You can rent sledges at Mountain Air. This is perfect for an afternoon out on a glorious February day! With the sun beaming down, the slopes full of happy holiday skiers, there is nothing better than seeing smiley faces zooming past. Les Esserts is perfectly set up with a designated sledge area, for you to go down as many times as you want. Remember to wear gloves, and goggles as snow does have a tendency to a get everywhere!


Indoor climbing wall (once reopen)

At the sports centre. There is an area with a crash mat for little ones to climb without needing a harness (harness 4chf, shoes 4chf), and is generally a great indoor activity on a whiteout day! Children love the challenge and it gives you a chance to stay in the warm and dry!


Ice skating

This is best for children from around 2.5 years, there are skates that attach to their shoes/snowboots which are more sturdy. The ice skating rink is free for anyone and you can hire skates at Medran sports (opposite) for 5chf per pair. Located in central Verbier it is easy to access, and Chocolaterie de Verbier is nearby for a warm up hot chocolate afterwards.


Ferme du Soleil (once reopen)

Down in Medieres you can find the Farm du Soleil, there is coffee, a small play area and ride on cars, plus animals! What more could you need!? Take the walk down route de Medieres or catch the bus. There is also parking at the farm and a lovely walk and open library nearby on the Route du Soleil.


Indoor play area at Le Dahu (once reopen)

This is the perfect outing to get up the mountain. The journey up gives you the chance to spot the skiers shooting down the M25, and remember to look out for the pros somersaulting over the jumps at La Chaux. Once up there, head to downstairs Dahu to the soft play are and climbing frame that keeps the little ones entertained for hours. Never underestimate how much fun a primary coloured tunnel and slide is!


Petit Verbier booking office (once reopen)

When you book one of our nannies she will come to you with toys, games and a whole load of activity ideas! Our nannies also have access to our bookings office which is FULL of toys, games, crafts and space to have fun with it all. We run different events throughout the year so follow us on Facebook and Instagram to hear more about those!


Dressing kids for the snow

We know that getting children ready for the day and out of the door can be a challenge at the best of times. When you throw in cold weather, snow boots and ski gear into the mix, it can feel like you are breaking out in sweats before you’ve even got any skiing done. So here’s our top tips on getting kids ready for the snow.

Let’s start with Woolami’s simple guide to layers, we're thrilled to be selling their fantastic products in our office from December 2020:

Now what about the rest?

Ski/ snow pants- Many have dungarees or bibs that go right up to the chest which is great for keeping snow out or trousers from falling down! Depending on your preference, one pieces are definitely more practical for under 2’s.

Gloves/mittens- This is our top tip! Buy long gloves that go over the jacket and zip up at the side. Bonus if they have wrist straps so they always stay attached to your child. We would also recommend mittens until children are around 5 years old.

Snow boots- Important for keeping feet warm when building snowmen or sledging! Some have removable inner liners which can be taken out at the end of the day to dry out. Remember the long socks too.

Hat and Neck warmer- A neck warmer or buff is an easy one to forget- great for keeping warm and also stopping jackets rubbing on children’s little chins which can be very sore.

Goggles- Good eye protection is very important and it’s useful to bring the goggles along when buying or renting a helmet so you can make sure the two fit together nicely.

Sunglasses- Even before ski school toddlers need eye protection. Eyes can get burnt very easily as the sun reflects off the bright white snow. Most toddlers aren’t used to wearing sunglasses and keeping them on can be a challenge so get your toddler to try them on a few times at home before.

Suncream- Another very important one, have a look for a sun cream with lip protection.

It is a lot to think about but all worth it for a fantastic family ski holiday! Our nannies are trained and experienced in working with children in the mountains and will always be happy to help with getting little ones ready for the snow.